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Creative and international hub of professional film directors, motion designers and illustrators, dedicated to the design of TV, digital and print content

A storytelling service and production hub for brands and agencies

A new era in video production

Brands are becoming broadcasters and have an increasing need for content, but the actual video production model is still expensive and time-consuming. Pitchlab is an agile creative model adapted to the new digital age: faster, cheaper and more creative than ever, thanks to our international professional and creative filmmaker community located in 35 countries.

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Production turnaround as within 2 to 6 weeks, from brief to completion.


A vast selection of creative concepts, scripts, director’s notes and production files, tailored for your video campaigns.


Remove production intermediaries and save on cost.


We select the best talents to pitch your brief.

In Control

You select the best proposal(s), we take care of the rest.


Commission several video productions within the same project. Easily launch your productions in several countries simultaneously with optimised costs.

A professional and creative filmmaker community

Pitchlab allows you to access an international professional and creative filmmaker community, to create and produce your video contents. Our talents are carefully selected for your project and keen to submit their creative concepts, scripts, director’s vision and production files within a few days. Choose the best proposal(s), we take care of the rest.

How it worksCase Studies
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